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Over an extensive career as an entrepreneur and researchers, Warren Hanchey has achieved success every step of the way thanks to a strong work ethic he developed while growing up. He was born in Troy, Alabama, where his family has had a presence since being one of the city’s founding families in the 1800s. His father owned and managed a sandwich shop located beside the city’s post office, which meant he would arrive every day at 6 AM to prepare to open the shop and work well past the 6 PM closing time. Warren Hanchey even chipped in to the family business, washing dishes and helping his father with miscellaneous tasks before and after school. The family lived modestly, never making more than $5,000 per year running the shop, but they were still able to pay for him to begin playing golf at just five years old.

Warren Hanchey spent much of his free time at the Troy Country Club Golf Course, honing his game so that it could help him further his education. During high school, his golfing skills earned him a spot on the Charles Henderson High School Varsity golf team. He lettered in Varsity golf and varsity basketball each year he was in school. Warren Hanchey’s golf talent followed him to college, where he managed to obtain a workship with the Troy University golf team that helped pay his education. While not a scholarship, he was able to make extra money by washing the team’s uniforms and doing other administrative tasks.

After graduating Troy University with a Finance and Accounting degree, Warren Hanchey was drafted one day later for the Vietnam War. He enrolled in the Air Force and continued to play golf as a member of the SAC team. During his time in the Air Force, he was able to travel the country competing in golf tournaments before concluding his stint. He returned home to Troy and married his wife, Michelle, and began pursing an MBA. He put his studies on hold, however, when his daughter Meredith was born.

Warren Hanchey boasts over 42 years of business experience related to finance, banking, investments, construction, manufacturing, import/export, mining, and research. During his decorated career, he has started a number of successful companies. He worked as the CFO for Green Land Company from 1971-1975 and then spent two years as a Senior Bank Examiner with the State of Alabama Banking Department. In 1979 he transitioned to another CFO position; this time with Kroll Enterprises.

Warren Hanchey worked as a Manager for Cumberland Mining Company from 1982-1986 while also working as a Controller with Homes by Michelle, Inc. until 1990. He became a Registered Representative with AG Edwards and Transamerica Financial Resources in 1991 and later ascended to Securities Manager and Registered Investment Advisor. From 1997-2000, he founded and managed Hamilton Financial Services. He then spent four years in the development and contracting industry in Atlanta, GA and Costa Rica before returning to the United States.

In 2004, Warren Hanchey founded LifeWave. His company’s research and development quickly gained credibility in University-level studies. While with this company, he began in a marketing role before transitioning to CFO so that he could focus on expanding the business overseas. Customers still buy Lifewave products on a monthly basis in reportedly 70 countries around the world and likely to the tune of $100 million now in sales from inception.

In 2006, Warren Hanchey started work as a private researcher. Warren Hanchey is currently working along side scientists such as Dr. Meyl to research areas outside biological signaling, such as agriculture and other forms of private research. .


To learn more about Warren's work as a private researcher view his Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/warrenhanchey


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