Stephanie M Harris | Atlanta, GA

Stevie Harris

Vocalist Stevie Harris has finally found her niche. After years of singing R&B and Pop in various touring bands around the world she is getting back to the kind of music she grew up with, Jazz.


Born in southern England, Stevie took up ballet at the age of four and studied it for a number of years but also realized she could sing and the singing took over. She was involved in many school productions and other musical activities in the community.


In the eighties Stevie had the opportunity to tour the far east including extended engagements in Singapore and Hong Kong. She even had a juke box hit in the Phillipines.


Since moving to the United States, Stevie has performed with several bands touring throughout the country. In 1995 she moved to Atlanta, Georgia,and has been a lead singer with the renown Ruperts  Orchestra. A twelve piece group that specializes in private and corporate events.


Stevie’s primary focus now is jazz. The major influences  while growing up were Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan, Billy Holiday just to name a few.


She can now be found at various hot spots around Atlanta with her own jazz ensemble, singing some of the wonderful old standards in her own unique style.