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Rob Hannah

Rob Hannah is the founder, Chairman and CEO of Green Realty Trust, Inc. and its’ Advisor, Insight Real Estate, LLC.   Green Realty Trust, Inc. (“Green”) is the first Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) to focus on the acquisition, management and conversion of existing buildings to Certified high-performance building standards, including LEED, Energy Star and other Certifications.  Green has filed with the SEC to raise $1.5 billion in equity and is expected to begin selling shares through its nationwide broker dealer market very soon. 


Rob is committed to sustainability in real estate and in life and is a member of the NRDC, the Rocky Mountain Institute, the Real Estate Roundtable and its’ Sustainability Policy Advisory Committee (SPAC), Mindful Metropolis and other organizations that share these beliefs. 


Mr. Hannah also served as the President of Tax Strategies Group, LLC (“TSG”) and oversees its operations, including real estate acquisitions, tax structures, asset management, and dispositions.  Mr. Hannah created the tenants-in-common ownership structure as defined in IRC Rev Proc 2002-22 in the mid 1990’s and worked with the IRS and U.S. Treasury Department task force on the development of the Revenue Procedure and has been the industry’s leader since its inception.  TSG sold and managed a commercial portfolio valued at over $600 million in 9 states.  This portfolio included office, industrial, retail and multi-family assets.


Mr. Hannah has also created numerous valuable financial products for the benefit of investors.  Mr. Hannah was instrumental in the development of Revenue Procedure 2002-22; he has also created an exchange insurance policy that will cover capital gains, depreciation recapture and related fees and penalties; and process through which individual investors can access and acquire fractional interests in real estate through a web-based marketplace which includes a credit enhancement vehicle to back-stop the obligations of the commercial tenants in a given property or portfolio.  Mr. Hannah has filed several intellectual property patent applications with the U.S. Office of Patents and Trademarks for his investment structures and methods.


Mr. Hannah has been a featured speaker and also in publications including: The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, The New Yorker, The Journal of Taxation and many others.