Orrin C Hudson | Stone Mountain, GA

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Orrin Hudson

                  Orrin "Checkmate" Hudson, 
          Founder and President of BeSomeone.org

Orrin C. Hudson owes his success in life to a teacher. James Edge, a white teacher in an all black high school, realized Orrin’s potential. Orrin’s early life was difficult being the 7th sibling of thirteen. He was in and out of foster homes and involved in petty crime, but James Edge sat him down and showed him his actions had consequences. Mr. Edge taught Orrin how to play chess and win in life. Voted “Most Likely to Succeed” and “Outstanding Student” in his senior year, Orrin stepped into the world and began to exceed those early predictions.

When Orrin made the move to develop his personal greatness, life took on a new meaning. As an adult, he served as an Alabama State Trooper for six years, developing the discipline needed to be a winner. He later owned and operated a car dealership, succeeding once again as a business and community leader. Being the best continued to be a large part of Orrin’s personal developmental strategy. He defeated the Alabama State Chess Champion two years in a row and later beat one of the top Russian Grandmasters, who had won more tournaments in the U.S. than anyone at the time.

Orrin began to teach others how to think strategically, plan effectively and build self-confidence using chess as his vehicle. Remembering how Abraham Lincoln’s mother’s advice, “be someone” had helped Lincoln aspire to the White House. Hudson used that simple, yet monumental concept to his fullest advantage naming his non- profit organization “Be Someone, Inc”. Focusing his talents on children, he began teaching others to ‘Be Someone’ through his award winning, highly effective and much lauded presentations.

A dynamic motivational speaker, Orrin extols the time-tested strategies of chess as a metaphor for the game of life.

The Author of “One Move At A Time”, Orrin is the subject of numerous news articles and television interviews, including such national recognition as USA Today, CNN Headline News, and CNN American Stories, The Word Network, and the January 21st issue of People Magazine. Noted for sharing a winning mindset that enables his students and audiences to believe in themselves, he continues to attract community service awards, having won some of the most prestigious in the educational arena.