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Nikko Hansen

Nikko currently does presentations integrating Buddhist concepts, chanting and meditations.  "Eternity and Back without a Scratch" is his most recent work. He is available for bookings.



Whether is was the clanging sledges of hard rock mining, the melodious strum of his guitar, the joyous response to a fully staged musical in front of serving troops, the discovery of Chanting’s "direct path home”,  the welcoming birdsongs granted to a park rangers morning, the sounds and energies of Nashville’s studios and talents, the tone of the group rising in an empowerment seminars room, the ancient rhythms of native dancers in Brazil, or the ability to “listen” to other's heartsound beyond their words; Nikko Hansen has made the experience of TONE and the understanding of its gift to us a lifelong journey.


Born in Payson, Utah, Nikko worked in the nearby mineral mines after High School. A talented songwriter and musician, he performed in the first of many bands, both his and others,  at fourteen.  In the Army, he served and toured in the Asian Theatre as the Entertainment Liaison NCO for the Third Army Division providing entertainment in domestic and combat zones.


Nikko continued his education at Utah State with work in Clinical Psychology, then moved to San Francisco as a teaching member of the Transactional Analysis Assoc. While in California he also served as Park Supervisor for all of the Fremont Regional Parks and Recreation Department.


 Music led him next to Nashville.  As CEO of IBC Productions, he and a team of creative, non-conformists developed the first facility outside of Opryland to provide integration of audio and video for Country Music Videos.  


Putting his education to work, next Nikko drove the creation of self-sufficiency, self-esteem workshops for Utah’s Social Services Department for over seven years.  He transformed a mandatory workshop process into a highly sought after system, benchmarked by others.


As a Corporate Staff member of SAGE Seminars, Nikko facilitated Transformational Technologies across the Southwest for over four years; years including Dream Walk, Magic Maker, and Master Quest.  He currently runs International Creative Alliance Network, ICAN, with a series of Networking Marketing opportunities, business connections and  personal support for others.  He has a strong belief in Internet Marketing as an economic base. 


Nikko traveled with Dr. David Hawkins ( Power Vs. Force) lectures and community groups in a volunteer capacity over the years. He  participated in, and helped facilitate events with 100 to 1000 participants from Atlanta, Ga. to Toronto, Canada and from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil (United Religions Initiative URI)  to Oxford, England at the Oxford Union.


Nikko currently does presentations integrating Buddhist concepts, chanting and meditations as well as private

coaching sessions.


Nikko has been a practicing Buddhist for over 25 years.  He has also been a dedicated teacher and facilitator of A Course In Miracles for over 15 years. His deep desire is to save people time and speed them along the spiritual path.