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Who is Michael Curry ?

"Michael is one of those people that gets along with everyone."

He is one of those people that talks to everyone and is always willing to lend a
helping hand. Also he is always up for the challenge.
Michael Curry's personal values:

His father has instilled the values of hard work and honesty as his father was a scool teacher and taught you must keep an open mind and always remain learning.

Michael Curry's achievements:

Michael Curry has been in the sales arena for 20 plus years and is learning marketing success still to this day. He spent 11 of those years as a manager and executive of a large insurance company that later merged with a corporation known as Aon Corp.Aon Corp is well represented on the New York stock exchange with a main office in the World Trade center in New York city.He has also sold automobiles and spent about 6 years in this industry doing sales ,online marketing and finance.

'He's even sold everything from steaks to photos door to door."

Now and for several years Michael's been working network marketing online and offline. Presently his businesses have been growing more and more everyday, this he gives credit to the proper use of a autoresponder and good squeeze pages, also he does learn marketing success at friendswin university.He owes alot of his success to different online strategies such as blogging, as he always says you must continue learning and changing every day to learn more go to http://www.learnmarketingsuccess.com  

Music is also one of his passions, he has toured the U.S. and Canada in a southern rock band and loved it, opening for such bands such as Foghat,38 special,Humble Pie and Molly Hatchet. He has been a drummer for 35 years and still practices all the time but only play's out once a month for the joy of it now.

If Michael Curry can help anyone in sales or life in general just contact him here and remember google michael curry now... 

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