Margie E Franklin | Columbus, OH

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Margie Franklin, The Home Biz Diva

All of her life, or at least as far back as she can remember, Margie Franklin wanted to be known as a Humanitarian or Philanthropist. In order to accomplish this she believes that she must first be financially successful. After all it takes money to help improve the welfare of others & increase the well-being of humankind.

One of Margie’s mentors is Bill Bartmann. Despite many trials & tribulations in his life, Bill overcame adversity and became a billionaire. He’s known as a philanthropist and he loves helping people to succeed.

Margie’s internet marketing businesses include an online travel agency & Honeymoon Registry, helping others get their names on page one of google, & work at home opportunities. In order to expedite success, Margie is considering changing her name to ‘Bill’ as it seems to be a prerequisite for becoming a ‘billionaire.’ (As you can see, Margie has a great sense of humor too.)

Another dream of Margie’s was to raise children, although she had no desire to carry or deliver them herself. So you can imagine her joy & elation when she was blessed with being the legal guardian of two beautiful toddlers in 1993. She felt so much love for them that it seemed as if she had carried each child in her womb.

Fast forward to January those cute little toddlers are both teenagers & life is very different for all of them. If there's something out there called ‘teenager syndrome,’ they’re going through it right now. Margie has found that teens value the advice of other teens much more than advice from their own parents. She prays that they will make the right choices when faced with challenges out in this great world of ours.

Margie still has her dream of becoming a Humanitarian, although she hasn’t achieved financial freedom yet. This is a promise she made to herself & she won’t give up until she succeeds.

You see, in July of 1993 she lost a brother to AIDS. There was nothing she could do to prevent the pain, anguish & humiliation that he went through. But she strongly believes that she can, and will help others. She promised herself that she would fund housing for people living with AIDS & help find a cure.

Margie Franklin also has a burning desire to buy a very nice home for her mom & give her all the comforts in life. Her mom dedicated her life to raising 7 children & worked numerous hours just to put food on the table & pay the bills.

Although Margie's mom is 75 years old, she is raising her 16 year old granddaughter as her own child. Yet she never asks for anything from anyone. Margie cherishs her mom and only wants the best for her.

Yes, Margie Franklin’s dreams are huge, but without huge dreams there would be few accomplishments in this world. One of Margie’s favorite poems is entitled “It’s All in the State of Mind.” It helps her to stay focused and keep a positive mental attitude. She also likes one of Napoleon Hill's famous quotes: "What ever the mind of man (or woman) can conceive and believe, it will achieve."

So, just like Bill Bartmann, who overcame adversity and is now a billionaire, Margie will never give up on her dreams. Her advice to you is to reach for the moon, even if you fall short you'll still come up with a hand full of stars!

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