Louise Hanson | Nashville, TN

Dr. Hanson - thank you for responding to our invitation!

If you think the way we contacted you was unique,

wait until you see how we handle your

student health insurance program! 


We don’t claim to be able to help everyone; some schools have the best programs available for their situation.  However, after an initial review of your school’s plan with United Health Care, we believe that there are at least two areas that can be improved upon and we can help.


What does this mean to you?  First off, we are MORE than brokers that look for the lowest price regardless of the insurance company involved.  This helps ensure that a program is tailored to your institution’s specific needs.  In addition to addressing the two items referenced above, you can expect the following when working with us: 


-     access to the entire marketplace, including top rated carrier who     specialize - and understand - this business  

-     ability to bring a ‘consultant type’ approach to your school - this can involve items such as risk management, underwriting analysis and program administration

-     provision of claims handling service through our strategic partner, Summit America Insurance Services

-     provision of wide range of plans - mandatory, tight waiver and voluntary programs, PPO and non-PPO plans   

-     negotiation of broadest terms available which includes cover for  domestic and international students - undergraduate and graduate - and students studying abroad


With your student health season rapidly approaching, we are ready to get the process started when you are!  Should you wish to request a quotation, please go to www.ksicons.com/studenthealth; otherwise, we will be in touch soon to answer any questions you may have. 



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