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Lana Benton


Lana Benton, born in the North, raised in the South. Being the middle child of five brothers and four sisters. Lana learned very early on in her life the ability to see situations from both sides of any spectrum. With this edge of diversity, Lana found this unique advantage to work in both her personal life as well as in her business life. "Perhaps this edge, is why my marriage of 26+ years is so strong today!" Lana and her family (daughter, son, and husband) all reside in the small, "one light" district of Social Circle, Georgia.


Having attended college in the beautiful Bluegrass State of Kentucky, at Morehead State University, Lana studied radio and television. She came to the conclusion rather quickly, this was not at all what she wanted to do with her life. Lana, having always been the, "helper type", of person, continued her education, at Branell Institute. She went on to become a nurse.
Straight out of college, Lana went to work for one of the major Medical Centers here in Georgia. She is now attending classes online to continue her education with network marketing.


As her children grew into young adults, Lana and her husband came to realize their children needed undivided attention in such a way as to see them through their teenage years. Lana gave up her career as a nurse to become a full-time stay at home mom, and CEO of the Benton house hold. A decision, to this day she does not regret. "My family means the world to me. Seeing our children become productive citizens is the reward of a life time". "While the “degree” I earned in Nursing school, hangs on the wall of my office, the “degree” I earned while raising our children hangs on the wall of my heart.“….. “It is the this “degree” that is, Absolutely Priceless!".

Lana has been in network marketing and sales for a little over a year now, and finds the work to be very rewarding and wonderfully challenging. "From my heart....It is my joy, not my job"...

There have been many opportunities to open up to Lana, since attending classes at VPA (Virtual Profit Academy). In both professional, and personal ways. "Meeting wonderful people from all over the world", while "learning together, and growing together as a team, has been an experience I would not trade for anything." “I feel a sense of purpose in my life again.”

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