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Miss Julia ~Your Personal Success Coach~

Julia’s Personal Beliefs about Success –“Use your God-Given Talents”…

Julia believes that ‘Everybody Came Here with Something’ - She Says that if everyone would use the Gifts and Talents that are inherent in all of usthe rest would be history…. “ Look at what people do for hobbies or look at their interests outside of their regular ‘jobs’ or ‘careers’ and you will often find the area that could make them truly Happy and Successful.

Professional Background

Julia is a Licensed Nurse with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Health Care Administration. Julia is a prior (brick and mortar) small business owner and former health care instructor. She has proven experience in recruiting, interviewing and staffing having managed nearly 100 employees throughout the state of South Carolina in her health care agency.

For over a decade Julia has used her gifts for writing and mentoring to assist others with many special projects to include resume preparation, college admission essays, business documents and speaking projects.

Her writings include Job Descriptions, Policy and Procedure Manuals, Advertisements, Newsletters, Employee Training Materials, Course Sylabii and numerous articles on a variety of topics.

She manages and contributes to several blogs and has published free-lance with ‘The Examiner’ as well a variety of article directories. Julia is a E-zine Articles ‘Expert Author” she is also a member of American Writers and Artists, Inc., Affiliate Article Writers and the (NRWA) National Association of Resume Writers.

A Personal View

Julia is originally from Birmingham Alabama and studied at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Julia is a graduate of Columbia Southern University in Orange Beach, Alabama.

Julia traveled the world as a military spouse for over 20 years. She worked with military service members throughout the United States and around the world. She honors the memory of her husband of 37 years (MSG Lucius Gray, Jr.) as she continues to work with military service members as a Behavioral Health Case Manangement Assistant.


Miss Julia's Online Services

Always having an entrepreneurial spirit –Julia drew from her own advice ‘Use your God-Given Talents’. After personally helping individuals in her local community in their job seeking or job transitioning journey- Julia discovered a way to use her talents for teaching and writing and her gift of mentoring by creating Success Communications, a professional resume preparation and career assistance service. By developing Success Communications with a broader focus, Julia is able to provide career assistance and personal consulting services to clients nationwide.

Miss Julia's latest venture is an online shopping mall that she calls "Miss Julia's ArmChair Mall" - the Mall is designed for shoppers who like her would rather avoid the hustle and bustle and long lines at the regular mall for a relaxing shopping experience from their favorite chair. The mall is a one-stop shop for most of a person's shopping needs. Miss Julia has partnered with many shops around the web and combined them in one location so that shoppers do not have to search all over the web to find what they need.

Miss Julia's ArmChair Mall is a virtual kalidoscope of shops with a variety of goods and services offering the very best deals for her customers. Miss Julia states that she will continue to add shops that are interesting, appealing and that offer great prices.

Julia created the mall after realizing how frustating it is to search all over the web for goods and services, which is the same frustration of running all over town looking for that particular something. She felt that putting everything under 'one roof' would be far more appealing to the shopper.

Visit "Miss Julia's ArmChair Mall" for a 'Brand New Shopping Experience'

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