Hank Dunckel | Ravenna, OH

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ALL about Hank Dunckel from OHIO USA

Hank Dunckel has now been SELF-EMPLOYED since 1977
Dunckel Distributing Company estabish in 1975 and enter the OHIO SCHOOLS
market in 1977.
After working for his Dad's corporation for several years and
learning what this market was like and being the last employee out of this closing company. Just keeping the files, accounts and phone number and following his Dad's footsteps in this market. Working with over 75 different manufacturing companies thru out the history of Dunckel Dist. Co.

The Keys for this business

Ethical Treatment of ALL Hank Dunckel customers is job number one.
2.Treat All Customers with the Respect they Deserve
3. Look out for ALL his customers, with their interest FIRST
4. ADDING Manufactures that will stand in back of their products and have good Customer Service.

What is Hank Dunckel really like ?

Hank Dunckel is a person who you could be drop off at a place were he has never been before and if there are people around.
Hank would start talking with the people around him like old friends. Likes people and meeting all kinds of people, in all kinds of settings.

Hank Dunckel has a Stronge Belief that

Study the DARE TO BE GREAT course by Glenn W Turner and has listen for hours to Earl Nightgale. Really Love the Video Earl Nightgale made "THE STRANGEST SECRET".

Hank Dunckel really Loves his Sports at Kent State University and has been seen at many of those sporting events thru out the years.

Just a COOL DUDE who likes Rock N Roll and the Blues....


For all your School Furniture & Equipment Needs, Gym Bleacher Renovations, Stage Curtains, Draperies, Window Shades, Etc. Just ask Hank.