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Gwendolyn Allen is aka Coach Gia! She is recognized as a loyal and dedicated member of the Police Department of the city of New York. Having achieved 20 years of dedicated service to the citizens of the city of New York, and contributions to the "Finest" Police Force in the world, she is now enjoying her retirement, and her Coaching Practice.

Gwendolyn's Practice is coaching, she is the "coach" and she holds no agenda other than her clients. The relationship between her and her client is co-creative, meaning that they are equals and both have an active role. She is not a therapist, counselor or consultant; she is a trained coach using honed communication skills to support you as a detached thinking partner. Working together creates more power for you to effect meaningful change and take dynamic actions toward your goals.

"Gwendolyn is Helping others to make healthy lifestyle changes one person at a time."

Gwendolyn's business is Signature Coaching by Gia, Gwendolyn founded this business to coach individual clients and to fashion a professional relationship between the coach and the client that is a custom fit, rather than a one-size-fits-all to provide an ongoing partnership designed to uniquely help the client to produce fulfilling results in their professional and personal lives. Signature Coaching by Gia, believe that people are naturally resourceful and creative and therefore provide support to enhance the skills, and creativity that the client already has.

There's nothing like coaching, to understand the value of it, experience it for yourself!

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Be well,

Gwendolyn Allen, 

Certified Wellness & Green Living Coach

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