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Gary Cooper


Gary Cooper (Coop) is a very quiet, shy person until you get to know him. One thing about Gary is that once he does meet someone, he is your friend for life. Gary has a love for life and enjoys having fun at everything he does. Gary is always saying “If you can’t enjoy the day then what’s left”. Gary will be your friend and will help you in anyway he can and never ask for anything in return.

Where did Gary Cooper come from???

Gary grew up in a family of nine children, three girls and six boys. He is the middle child and it doesn’t matter which way you count he is still in the middle. He grew up in a small village of about 700 people and still lives in this community which has been renamed and is now a town of 10,000 people. At a very early age everyone started to call him Coop and I am not sure if most people even know his first name as he has always been called Coop.

His History…

Gary Cooper has just retired from being an automobile technician (grease monkey as he would say) due to an illness. At a young age of 16, he started working at a gas station and never looked back. His life has always been about his love for repairing automobiles. He did finish high school but that was about all the time he had because he was married at 18 to the most wonderful woman that he met in high school. He keeps telling us that she is a saint to put up with him and his joking around for the past 37 years. Gary and his wife have two children who they are very proud of. Both children have science degrees and live away from home, his daughter in California and his son in Ontario.

You have to read this…

One of Gary’s most rememberable times happened while he and his wife were travelling. Do the fact that his Mother had called him after the famous western actor, Gary Cooper, (who his Mother loved and watched all of his movies), he was constantly teased about being an actor. When returning from a trip on a cruise and as they were approaching the Customs wicket at the airport, the Custom’s Officer stood up and pulled his gun. Well Gary and his wife almost took a heart attack and the Officer’s reply was “I always new I was faster on the draw than Gary Cooper”. Needless to say, Gary and his wife had no problem clearing Customs that day.

To Finish Up…

Gary Cooper is an avid golfer and every chance he gets you will find him on the golf course. It is his true passion. I am going to tell you something but don’t ever repeat it. He is only a fair golfer but he has other thoughts about that. He use to be a much better hockey player than golfer.

The old grease monkey from Canada has many, many friends and never met a person who he wouldn’t call a friend. Now that grease monkey is retired and needs something to occupy his time. He is getting into Network Marketing as it has always been an interest to him. He says there is a lot to learn about it but one thing about Gary Cooper is that when he starts something he always finishes it. He has learned to do social networking and loves to talk to people as he gets to know them.

I hope you did enjoy this bio of Gary Cooper and drop in on him and have a chat. Thank you for letting us share some of our thoughts about the great Gary Cooper….Ha Ha…
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