Frenesa K Hall | Greater Atlanta, GA

Frenesa K. Hall, MD - Mobile-Medicine.Net

I created Mobile-Medicine.Net out of a need to put the patient-doctor relationship back into the practice of medicine. I realized that there is more to caring for the health and wellbeing of a person than a 7 minute visit and a bunch of prescriptions.

Mobile-Medicine.Net offers "house calls" delivering personalized, convenient, quality medical care in the homes and offices of our clients. Our services include physical exams, blood work, EKG, diagnosis and management of acute (colds, flu, etc.) and chronic (fatigue, diabetes, hypertension, etc.) conditions as well as facilitating other medical care with referrals to specialist, for tests and procedures. I have incorporated complementary medicine into my practice including cutting edge nutritional testing and supplementation and referrals to highly skilled complementary practitioners.

Mobile-Medicine.Net also provides services to corporations including Influenza vaccinations, Lunch & Learn educational talks and wellness programs.

Mobile-Medicine.Net is also the network manager for another company, In Room MD, that provides on site medical care to hotel guests. As Regional Medical Director for In Room MD's Atlanta Territory, I have assembled a team of board certified physicians to care for sick visitors staying in area hotels. In Room MD is available in several cities across the US and Canada.

As a physician, I believe that nutrition is the foundation for good health. I have researched nutrition and nutritional supplementation extensively and realize that we all need nutritional supplements to not only make up for our poor diets but to make up for the poor nutrient quality of our foods. I make high quality, pharmaceutical grade nutritional supplements available to my clients so that they can rest assured that the product is delivering exactly what is on the label and nothing else.

Ultimately, my goal is the partner with my clients to help them achieve their health and wellness goals, and when indicated, incorporate nutritional and complementary practices while respecting their beliefs and wishes.  

For more information go to, www.inroommd or www.MDWellnessSolutions (nutritional supplements).