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The Real Douglas Gorden Jr.

What is Douglas Gorden Jr. about?

“I’ve never made a friend that I've ever forgotten about."

     Douglas Gorden Jr is one of the most caring and understanding persons I've ever met. Douglas will go out of his way to help you if you need it and he'll be willing to listen at anytime to help you get a problem solved and the job done. Most of Doug's friends are for life, and once you become a friend of Douglas Gorden Jr  you will want him to be a friend for life. 

Beliefs and Values of Douglas Gorden Jr.
    Douglas Gorden Jr. grew up in a strong and loving family. Douglas's father is a deacon who was in one of the first African American Black Churches in the area. Douglas's father taught him about life and gave him his strong Christian values to make him the person he is today. The honesty and love showed to Douglas by his mother and father helped him achieve and overcome many challenges in his life. As Douglas Gorden Jr. told me “I would not be the person I am and will become without the love of my family and friends." These beliefs and values have always helped Douglas succeed in life and achieving his goals.


A Little History about Douglas Gorden Jr.

    Douglas has had many jobs most of them in the service field. Douglas has also been to college and earned his AA degree. Douglas has some web development skills that he has obtained while he was in college such as HTML, and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets).

The Goals and Challenges of Douglas Gorden Jr.

     Some of Douglas Gorden Jr goals for the future are to get his web design business  Gorden Web Design  up to a mid-size company. Douglas is now the only employee but he would like to grow his company so he can help others accomplish their goals and dreams. One of the things you may have notice about Douglas's photos is that he has a skin disorder called Vitiligo. Many people have asked him about this and he is very open and kind when answering about this. Some people think that Douglas may even have make-up on and it is hard for most people to understand it. Douglas deals with it like a champion and does not let it hold him back from being himself and understanding others. So as you can tell Douglas Gorden Jr is one of the best friends you could ever know and I'm glad to know him as a friend.

Thank you for taking your time to learn a little about me.”
Douglas Gorden Jr

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