Douglas E Hartman | Rockford, IL

General Manager, Hamilton Sundstrand Actuation Systems

General Manager of Hamilton Sundstrand Actuation Systems, a world class producer of flight system hardware for regional/business jets for global customers such as Gulfstream (USA), Bombardier (Canada), ACAC (China), and Embraer (Brazil). Military flight control products are also produced for F22, B1B, and B2B aircraft. Flight control systems are produced using a low cost supply chain with product coming from global sources including Europe and Asia.

Doug grew up on a northern Illinois farm in a strong family environment. He lives in Rockford with his wife and three children.

His career has been within the high technology world of manufacturing systems for the machining industry and aerospace. As a manager at Ingersoll Inc., he was part of building manufacturing systems that were considered either the largest, fastest, and or most precise metal cutting systems in the world. His work has ranged from complex 3D machine programming, CAD/CAM system development, managing world class manufacturing facilities, and overall general management of a $100M enterprise.

In 1992 he earned SME’s 1992 National Outstanding Young Manufacturing Engineer Award.

He has taught Advanced Numerical Control classes at Northern Illinois University. 

Education:  Bachelor of Science in Industry and Technology