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When did you last attend a professional networking meeting and meet others who want to help you find the right people with whom to connect?

RE:FOCUS ON CAREERS is the premier organization dedicated to helping professionals enhance their careers through networking.

Executive Director, Debbie Rodkin, has presented networking seminars to dozens of corporations, industry associations, and alumni groups. Ask her to speak to your group today!

Our most popular seminars include:
Networking 101
Networking Boot Camp
ABCDEFs of Networking
Making the Most of Your Networking Time
Networking: Beyond the Handshake
Networking for Introverts
Got Business? Get More!
Follow Up or Fall Down
Increase Your Exposure (Without Losing Your Shorts)!
Secure Your Professional Network
Networking Your Way into Hollywood
Prepare for a Career Fair

Please join us for an upcoming networking event!

In addition to running RE:FOCUS ON CAREERS, Debbie Rodkin is the Director of Business Development for
Bedford Cost Segregation, responsible for building the practice in the southeast region.

Watch and listen to my radio interview:

Cost segregation is an IRS-approved procedure that allows property owners and tenants to accelerate depreciation deductions, defer significant tax payments and immediately improve cash flow, saving significant dollars!  Most buildings placed in service since 1987 qualify, with no need to amend returns.

To do this, Debbie builds relationships with CPAs, CFOs, Controllers, Attorneys, Commercial Real Estate Developers and Owners, Brokers, Asset Managers, Portfolio Managers, and other professionals who own commercial buildings. She is a member of CREW Atlanta, ICSC, and ASCSP.  

Can you give Debbie a qualified referral today?, 678.205.4770