Cheryl M Potts | Garrisonville, VA

Cheryl M. Potts - Founder Crystal Clear Music, Inc.

Selected as one of the Top 50 Black Women in Entertainment by Black Noir Magazine, Cheryl M. Potts is delivering on the company’s vision to become one of the leading independent boutique music copyright & royalty administration company in the U.S. market today.   Crystal Clear Music provides copyright & royalty administration and accounting to independent recording labels, music publishers, songwriters, producers and other catalog owners.  The company also provides music/sample clearance, royalty collections and royalty audits on behalf of its clients.

Ms. Potts first experience in the entertainment business was as Executive Vice President of Well Defined Management, an artist management company.  At Well Defined Management, she oversaw the marketing, publicity and promotion of Well Defined Management artists.   But it was her love of music and the ‘song’ that fueled her to take on the challenge of heading up Well Defined Music, a music publishing company when the founder added publishing to its entertainment group.   This challenge brought her to learn about the music publishing, copyright law, licensing and music clearance to protect their artist’s interests and more.   She handled all of the music administration for the artists/songwriters for the company.  But it was when she took on a well known music administration company over an issue of issuing a mechanical license to a major record company without proper signature and authorization of a songwriter, which she proved and won in obtaining back royalties in addition to getting their future royalties, she knew she had something destined on her hands.

Prior to joining the entertainment business Ms. Potts was a software engineer for many top technology companies.  At one of those companies, she developed, implemented, configured and oversaw import/exports of data from one of the leading multi-million dollar ASP provider of human resource software.  The company develops in the latest Microsoft XML and .NET technology becoming one of the forerunners for being the first to use this technology in a software application.  With this experience in her background, Ms. Potts has a strong interest of the latest technologies used to protect intellectual properties sold on the internet.   With more and more companies selling music over the internet, finding ways to protect copyrights has been a top issue in the music industry today.

In addition to being named one of the Top 50 Black Women in Entertainment, she has also been named Executive to Watch by NABFEME - National Association Black Female Executives in Music & Entertainment.  She has been tapped by The Recording Academy for her views on a ‘Look Inside the Gospel Music Business’ to educate the recording members in Detroit, IL on all facets of the music business.  She also served as a judge for singing competition, served as a board member for the North Carolina Backwoods Film Festival and currently serving as a board member to North Carolina Central University Music Industry degree program.  She published articles titled ‘What does Music Publishers REALLY do’ and her second article titled ‘Independent Record Labels Must Handle their Royalty Administration to Succeed’ both featured in TCP Magazine.  She has taught a classes on music publishing for the NC Gospel Announcers Guild and served on numerous panels on music publishing, copyrights and royalty administration. Ms. Potts was recently asked to join the Executive Committee of National Association of Black Female Executives in Music and Entertainment (NABFEME), which she graciously accepted. 

Some of our current/past administration projects have included:

•  Provided worldwide royalty audit on a multiplatinum album uncovering over $300,000.00 in unpaid royalties in a royalty dispute with a major production company.

• Provided recording label administration of album that reached # 2 on the Billboard charts on behalf of independent record label.

•  Successfully obtained past and future mechanical royalties on behalf of Writer in a dispute over non-payment of royalties.

•  Successfully challenged and over turned copyright dispute with major record label over composition on behalf of our client. 
•  Successfully challenged and over turned performance rights registration of composition that was filed in a copyright dispute on behalf of our client.
•  Engaged as Royalty Collection Consultant for an Entertainment Attorney in Federal Copyright Infringement case on behalf of their client.
•  Successfully collected royalties on behalf of our client on unauthorized use of client’s song on an award winning gold album.

Highlights on Crystal Clear Music’s founder:

Voted as one of the Top 50 Black Women in Entertainment by Black Noir magazine.

Featured as ‘Executive to Watch’ with the National Association of Black Female Executives in Music & Entertainment (NABFEME) on their national website.

Requested by The Recording Academy (the organization that puts on the Grammy’s) to sit on a music industry panel for her views on ‘The Look inside the Gospel Music Business’ hosted in Detroit, IL.

Published article titled ‘What Does Music Publisher’s REALLY Do’ featured in TCP Magazine.

Published article titled ‘Independent Record Labels Must Handle their Royalty Administration to Succeed’ featured in TCP Magazine.

Participated on numerous panel discussions on music publishing and royalty administration.

Currently serve as the Regional Managing Director of National Association of Black Female Executives in Music and Entertainment (NABFEME) East overseeing New York, Philadelphia, Washington DC and Raleigh, NC network areas.  In addition to her role as Regional Managing Director of NABFEME East, she also is an Executive Committee Member for the national organization.

• Member of Black Entertainment and Sports Law Association (BESLA) to keep abreast of legal issues in the entertainment industry.

Taught several seminars/workshops on music publishing and royalty administration.

Consistently keep abreast of new developments and changes in the entertainment industry by taking courses, seminars and reading periodicals of the ever changing copyright law and entertainment industry.

•  Created workshop titled “Copyright, Royalties and Your Music’ conducted at the ‘Expanding Your Vision’ conference held in Raleigh, North Carolina.