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Byron Hugley

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Byron Hugley is a marketing strategist and project manager.  He has been instrumental in the marketing and promotions of various entities and has experience ranging from grass roots sales to market strategy development.  Byron has provided his services for several notable companies including: Staples, The Orlando Sentinel (A Tribune Publication), Get Informed International, Marriott, Adelphia, and WRICO, Inc.

Mr. Hugley is a self-taught marketing guru that has caught the attention and commanded respect and endorsement of notable entreprenuers, as well as staff and executives of Fortune 1000 companies.  His main focus; however, has been in the development and perpetuation of local small and medium sized businesses in Metro communities.

Byron is a founder of The Economic Stability Alliance (ESA). This organization mirrors his unique idealogies in regards to socio-economic development.  Mr. Hugley is a strong advocate in the powers of collaboration vice competition in the marketplace and the economic benefits of reciprocity.  Byron, along with partner Jay Davis, holds a strong conviction that the commercial marketplace should (and eventually will) be controlled by small businesses; which ultimately will reduce the volatility of our economy.  He believes that his efforts through the  ESA and Power In Numbers will ultimately bring about the changes needed to fulfill this vision.


Mr. Hugley is one of the developers of the marketing and promotions strategy of the Power In Numbers Network; which includes an iherently integrated marketing strategy for its members designed to virtually eliminate their respective advertising revenue.  One of the featured projects of the Power In Numbers Network is Power In Numbers; a innovative purchasing strategy that allows Power In Numbers Network members to purchase office products (as well as janitorial and sanitation products) at dealer cost.  (0% markup).  This project is in partnership with Fortune 500 company.


Byron is the current Sales & Marketing Director for Get Informed International.  His primary focus is to increase company recognition within the communities that it implements its economic development strategies.  He routinely works very closely with the local Chambers of Commerce and has served on the Regional Board of Advisors for the Orlando Regional Chamber of Commerce.


Byron Hugley currently serves as the Senior VP of Marketing & Promotions of WRICO, Inc.  He also serves on the Board of Directors and is the acting Treasurer.  WRICO, Inc. is the developer of GoogleMe! and the Power In Numbers Network.