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the DJ Sermons Mission Statement

To Create the Freedom to follow my passion.

My passion is to spend time with family, be the best Uncle Barry possible, express my creative talents and to help other people realize their own passion.

I will do this by supporting a team of passionate leaders with diverse backgrounds that will utilize Creativity, Technology, Culture and Vision to promote excellence.

The essence of the DJ Sermons mission is to harmonize Music, Video, Lighting and Theatrics to orchestrate phenomenal entertainment experiences. To assist business owners and creative talent to increase their internet presence and personal brands.



Barry DJ Sermons was born in Plainfield, NJ. He grew up listening to top 40 sounds of the 60’s and 70’s on 77 WABC Radio Cousin Brucie. Artists from Motown, the Rolling Stones, War, Elton John, Parliament-Funkadelic and The Commodores were some of his early party inspirations. He continues to enjoy many musical genres. Musical Variety is Barry’s specialty.


His DJ career started at age 9 when he volunteered to pick the hits from a stack of 45’s to entertain family and friends at social gatherings. He went on to bring his home stereo to garage, basement or backyard parties and school dances for the Somerville HS class of

DJ Sermons resides in Atlanta Georgia but entertains guests across the country. He has over 18 years of event production experience and has assembled an extensive multi-media library. Sermons formed Studio Mix Entertainment to bring the energy of the nightclub to any dance floor or venue, indoors and out.

Technology and innovation have always been a passion for Barry Sermons. He tore apart his first train set to see what made it work, how did it smoke, where did the whistle come from and more importantly could he make one bigger, better and faster?

Unfortunately that first train was toast but the experience fueled his curiosity. He was a bright student that would be drawn to the sciences, problem solving and dreaming.

When asked "what do you want to be when you grow up?" depending on the days current events he would say astronaut, a Baseball player, the president, a civil rights leader, and architect, an inventor or just like my Dad. Still today a wide range of influences drive his creative spirit. His high school yearbook ambition statement was "Electronics and to Be Myself". So far his journey has led him to careers in offset printing; computer support, training, programming and consulting; audio/visual technology; musical entertainment; and video production as well as several entrepreneurial ventures along the way. 

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